Life is perpetual art ritual.

by Birdi Photography

by Birdi Photography

I am Brianna Bliss Gardner, and I practice art as medicine for the soul. As a guide, I will hold space for you:

To know yourself as powerfully creative, divine, wild, free.

To re-member your relationship with the earth: a sacred homecoming.

To write your own path as the sovereign creator and love of your life

To ground, breathe, cleanse and claim your body as your home

I facilitate in-person expressive art-as-ritual workshops for intimate groups as well as individuals and partners. In these containers for intentional growth we are collaborators, prioritizing truth, justice, self-care as a means toward response-ability, interdependence, and emotion-as-teachers.

Through the act of art-making (raw expression) we remember our power and claim responsibility for our lives and our sacred planet. We acknowledge we are always in conversation with the divine spirit in every thing. We create from the grief and joy in our hearts in equal measure. We work from spaces of pleasure in our bodies, even as we tend to the places where we hold our pain.

Art is magic, not a talent. It’s an alchemical process, not a product. It is more communication, than identity. More verb than noun.

Please join me in rewriting the narrative: we are all born as wild expressive beings, capable of creativity and destruction in every moment. Here, now, on our dying planet, we thrive and uplift as our call to action.

Sovereign + Connected + Wild + Divine

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