Soul portrait by Natalie Eck of dahliadreams.com

Soul portrait by Natalie Eck of dahliadreams.com


I'm Brianna Bliss Gardner, namesake cultivator of joy.

This is my virtual studio. Here, I share what I make and how I dance with the Muse. You can browse, you can read, you can buy. Above all I hope you'll be inspired to create; reach out to me, collaborate.

As an artist I am constantly making peace with my world as a creatrix. The act of expression is an alchemy, as it allows us to transmute and witness all that we encounter, within and outside of ourselves, into beauty.

As an art-witch, I recognize my co-creative power with the Divine and I take responsibility for this world. To be a creator is to make a daily practice of asking myself: what do I make? And from what place inside me do I create? How can I heal this world with art? To steadily build my bridge between art and justice activism.

Spectators on my creative trajectory will watch me weave and come undone, as I write, and make: Transparent creative process through all the wounding, all the staunched bleeding to scarring, to Love most astonishingly bright.

Art is magick. Art is activism.  Art is community. Art is not always "pretty," but it is always beautiful.