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Satarah Presents: Shadows

I’m excited and grateful to be one of ten performers at Satarah’s Shadows show.

I’ll be dancing on the dark edge of grief and ecocide in the Anthropocene, this age of over-consumption and empires crumbling.

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In a similar vein as Slowly, Painfully, by Poison performed at Hart Witzen Gallery, I’ll be doing a death dance, exploring where the shape of grief too large for one human body resides in that same body.

How do we grieve the loss of thousands of species a day? What ritual container can hold this pain? Isolation, disease, holding, mourning…

I actually don’t know what other topics or themes other performers are working on yet, but I am so excited for this show, its theme, and

aren’t we made for these Shadows, these times?

Tickets are $10 and all pertinent info (including where to buy said tickets) is here in the facebook event page.

All proceeds will go to funding Bloom, and I’m honored to be able to energetically support this work.

It’s bliss, it’s chaos, it’s art-life-blood.

I hope you’ll come out and participate in Shadows. Your eyes belong to a soul that needs to See. <3

In blessings,


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Yule Dream Weaving Workshop

Saturday January 5th, 2019; 5pm-8pm

Charlotte, NC

divination // mindful movement // plant medicine // ritual art // $55.00

Warmest greetings beloved artists, edge-walkers, and social transgressives.

Blessings to you in this time of Holiday harried-ness, season’s year-endings and Winter Solstice new beginnings.

But isn’t this a strange time?

Maybe, on a soul-level, something in you always feels off this time of year. You might cope with seasonal depression, brought on by the cold, the waning of the light, and the simulacrum of forced cheer.

The “Holidays” might feel more stressful than anything. You are the black sheep, the rainbow sheep of your blood-family.

Or maybe you are grieving a loss, and these days of “cheer” are not yours to partake in.

It may be that “holidays” feel less like actual Holy Days; the atmosphere veiled and glossed so grossly by Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, champagne toasts and ball drops. Consumption and indulgence… so much material, but so little substance.

I feel this.

I’ve been consulting with my Ancestors, my way-back people, the ancient Celts. My people who walked the earth in tune with Her seasons. They knew that in psychically aligning with the Earth’s cycles, they would also come to know their place in the cosmic web.

Their wisdom gifts me with an intention: to hold space for connecting with what’s real this time of year. These parts of us that crave slow magic, and connecting with the ground beneath our feet, the roots inside of us, in preparation for branching out into the New Year.

So I’m hosting a Holy Day for us, beautiful art-souls.

We will tune out from the Capitalist Holiday buzz. We will drop in to the cyclical nature of Nature: Earth Medicine.

It is in this space we ground into desire, and from there, intend ambition, dream, and plan for the Spring, Earth’s very own New Year.

We gather in the germinating darkness of the New Cold Moon in Capricorn, from 5- 8pm.

For three hours we will sip tea and seek support from Spirit through a short divination. We will practice mindful movement using Yoga’s asana tradition as framework. We will bathe in Evergreen plant medicine by way of Samyama (meditative union). And lastly, we will engage together in ritual art making, intentionally weaving a textile talisman to integrate our time spent. This mini circular weaving will become a piece of wearable art for you to take home that will act as a tactile portal, a touchstone, into your new- year’s desire and healthy branching out.

A textile talisman consecrated on my altar with blessings of mighty Oak and dreamy Mugwort.

A textile talisman consecrated on my altar with blessings of mighty Oak and dreamy Mugwort.

The cost of this experience is a base price of $55.00. I am so glad you’re available to join us, and feel committed to invest in our sacred space, and in your own deepening into Self. Thank you.

*If you cannot afford $55.00 and you feel called to join us to co-create sacred space, please email me using the contact page below. This workshop is meant to be accessible medicine; your energy is needed and desired!

To sign up, please fill out the form below, and send payment to this link . Your payment reserves your spot in this soul-date. I will follow up to confirm your registration, and provide details on location.

No more than 12 spots are available to join this workshop.

I hope to see you in ceremony!

Blessings and solidarity, friends,


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