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Satarah Presents: Shadows

I’m excited and grateful to be one of ten performers at Satarah’s Shadows show.

I’ll be dancing on the dark edge of grief and ecocide in the Anthropocene, this age of over-consumption and empires crumbling.

satarah presents.jpg

In a similar vein as Slowly, Painfully, by Poison performed at Hart Witzen Gallery, I’ll be doing a death dance, exploring where the shape of grief too large for one human body resides in that same body.

How do we grieve the loss of thousands of species a day? What ritual container can hold this pain? Isolation, disease, holding, mourning…

I actually don’t know what other topics or themes other performers are working on yet, but I am so excited for this show, its theme, and

aren’t we made for these Shadows, these times?

Tickets are $10 and all pertinent info (including where to buy said tickets) is here in the facebook event page.

All proceeds will go to funding Bloom, and I’m honored to be able to energetically support this work.

It’s bliss, it’s chaos, it’s art-life-blood.

I hope you’ll come out and participate in Shadows. Your eyes belong to a soul that needs to See. <3

In blessings,


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