Self-Love Tarot Reading

the witch slutist tarot morgan claire sirene.jpg
the witch slutist tarot morgan claire sirene.jpg

Self-Love Tarot Reading

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I’m offering this mini- reading from now through Valentine’s day for minimal dollars to combat the bullshit capitalist drive and false cultural mythologies about what Love truly is. This reading is loosely based on Little Red Tarot’s Why I Am Totally Awesome spread.

Please do follow that link and, if you have a deck of your own, give yourself some love via the sharp and honest reflection Tarot will always gift!

However, if you’re like me, hearing someone else tell me how awesome I am is a very healing experience. I do love myself, and I know I’m awesome, but third-party validation doesn’t diminish my self-love, and Words of Affirmation are sacred!

Once paid for, I’ll conduct your reading in sacred space, and follow up with an email within the week, which will contain your reading. I’ll be using the Slutist Tarot Deck for this reading because… sluts, love, pleasure and sex positivity! Everyone deserves the juiciest Valentine’s Day, and beyond.

Whatever you’re doing in daily life, remember to be kind to yourself and others, and seek pleasure.

All love, xxx

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