January 19, 2018

At this precise moment, I'm sitting in my favorite chunky sweater, pajama pants, and eating gummy bears, in the middle of a "gif party" on GroupMe with some of my favorite people I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

I'm in sheer excitement. Later tonight I'll gather with those folks, and a group of Charlotte- area teens to begin our Visual Art Experience sessions. I'm a supporting advisor this time, for PFO, in a visual art group. Since the teens aren't aware of the details of our project yet, I'll only say this: that it's fibers-based.

To be in this position, to make art for a living, in service to higher good for my community, is at essence purity of blessing. I can sense the magic here; I am in awe of it, and in awe that I'm a part of it. 

That I find myself as a member of this project, in a place in my life that I can indeed be of service here, that this project happens to coincide with creative media that I personally want to expand on in my creative practice... All this alignment is dizzying. When I think of it, just for a moment, my Cup is so, so full.

And knowing I can tap into this feeling of gratitude at any time is also a blessing. Whenever I need to remember that I matter, that I can make a difference, and whenever I need to quiet voices of anxiety within, I can come to this understanding. I am here. It is well.

Tonight is our kickoff. Some preparation for sacred space within myself, so that I can radiate this from me, is in order. I'm going to light a stick of dragon's blood incense and go have a cleansing shower. I'll use frankincense and myrrh soap for grounding and a salt scrub to clear my energy centers. Then I'll make a cup of dandelion root tea and slip into a guided Higher Self meditation. And after that I'll work in my art journal, just for pleasure.

Just about one year ago today I was on a bus to Washington, DC, to become one more voice of millions in protest of our governmental administration's inherent bigotry, based on white supremacist capitalist hetero-patriarchy. This year in memorial, I'll be making art as a collective force for good in my community. Grassroots change is lasting impact. And thank the Divine that this is so; that there are so many ways to resist.