Essay: August 5, 2017

I’ve been resisting writing for this site, even though I am a writer “first.” Meaning, it is what comes most naturally. It has always been the medium of expression I turn to without consideration.

I think my resistance comes from lately being in a space where my gifts are converging and I can’t stop it. My desire to compartmentalize my talents, passions, spirituality, career, and my life remains strong, but my ability to do so is coming to an end.

I am just me. Artist, activist, Earth-worshiper.

I’m always getting into something new. An endless rotation of different books from the library; fiction and non. Various mediums of expressive experimentation.  New movements, new connections, new flavors. New paths to explore spiritually. And, Goddess bless, always, always always new modalities for healing.

I’m figuring myself out and I surprise myself every day.

What’s at the core is my desire to heal and serve my community.

To heal myself in order to heal my community.

I will let the rest arise as beautiful instances of joy.

Painting, writing, performing, facilitating, guiding, divining Truth.

Always creating.

It’s time simply to begin. I’ve lately made a practice of saying yes to what opportunities scare me the most. Embracing roles and responsibility that I don’t quite yet feel qualified for. When that voice in my head (one I’ve affectionately named “Mags,” short for “Magpie”) begins with “Who am I to…???”

My higher self bids me : Yes. Say yes. Just do it.

For we are all student teachers. And we all have something we can share to help others on their journeys, even as we navigate our own. A freeing concept; a new- paradigm  framework of leadership I absorbed while in an intensive led by Angelique Arroyo. 


 Alchemy: as above, so below. As within, so without. Micro to macro, from the dinner table to the White House.

This world is where we live right now, in that putrid “unholy trinity” of white supremacy, patriarchy, and Christianity.  And this is why I’m choosing to say yes even when I’m scared.

Because it’s not about me anymore. This isn’t about whether I’m “enough” and it isn’t about my comfort zone. I am a champion for my own expansion, yes, because what I gain will be shared. I don’t have time to shrink back. There’s work to do so we may rise together. Time for shields up, boots, masks, and gloves on. Time to prime spaces and future generations to sow only what serves highest love. When offered these opportunities, the answer is always Yes.