An eco print on reclaimed silk

An eco print on reclaimed silk


We are human and we are as changing as the moon,

Moving in and out of spaces and places, we change

faces as often as we feel. The heaviest shadow around this, our time of being human, is that we acquire, consume, and

throw away. We take, use, and abuse our Earth

Mother, and each Other.

Embracing this dark reality, and in light of this pattern

is Phase: an artcycled clothing line made

entirely of secondhand, and sustainably sourced

materials. As a creatrix I believe in slow fashion, artisan livelihood, and the beauty of old things made new.

I dye, print, embroider and weave all manner of wearable art.

Be human,

a shape-shifter.

Be her, they, him, ze.

Put it on,

Take it off.

Rinse, REUSE, repeat.